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ElifZade Baklava Kutusu

Baklava Boxes

01/19 - 01/23

Click the Review button to examine the Baklava Box portfolio of Avm Box and Packaging and examine the Baklava Boxes.


Cake-Dry Cake

01/19 - 01/23

Click the Review button to examine the Pastry-Dry Cake Box portfolio of Avm Kutu ve Ambalaj and examine the Cake-Dry Cake Boxes.


Pouch and Packaging Products

01/19 - 01/23

Click the Review button to examine the Pouch and Packaging Products portfolio of Avm Box and Packaging and examine the Pouch and Packaging products.


Cardboard Boxes

Baklava box models

You can view the baklava box models by clicking the review button. All of our baklava box models are our own design, our own production. The designs are made specially for you, produced and delivered in the quantity you want. You can review our 250gr, 500gr, 1kg, 2kg baklava box designs.

Cellophane baklava box

Cellophane baklava box is a type of coating to be applied to the product after the printing process. It protects the print against water, light and deterioration. We produce cellophane baklava boxes according to the wishes of our customers.

Chocolate box models

We design and manufacture empty chocolate boxes, wholesale chocolate boxes. Wooden chocolate box, madlen chocolate box design and production are available.

Cake-Dry Cake Box

We manufacture cake boxes, dry cake boxes. We have cake box wholesale. Please contact for cake box prices.

Paper Bag - Wrapping Paper

Paper bag making and design are available. Contact us for printed paper bag, wholesale paper bag prices.

Avm Box and Packaging | Istanbul

Box Packaging and Packaging Services

Baklava Box,

Chocolate Box

Cake-Dry Cake Box

  Pouch and Packaging Products


Tray Baklava Box

Cardboard Bags

E-commerce and Shipping Boxes

We manufacture all products related to Packaging and Packaging.

Contact us!

Please check our products. Baklava Box, Paper Bags and more are available in our products. We are very confident in our designs. As Avm Box and Packaging, we take care not only to produce the product, but also to make designs that will raise you and reveal your quality, while at the same time we do not spoil your originality. All products are carefully designed according to your request and delivered in a short time. While manufacturing baklava boxes and other products, we are working towards increasing your business.

Shopping Mall Box and Packaging.

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