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What is a Chocolate Box?


chocolate box ; They are the clothes of companies that produce sweets such as chocolatiers and patisseries for their products. It also prevents the product from being damaged, getting wet and being affected by other external factors. Therefore, packaging is a very important task. When consumers buy their chocolates in a box that gives the feeling of a quality packaging, it makes them feel that they are buying a quality chocolate. Especially if the consumers bought this chocolate as a gift to their loved ones, everything from the design of the box to the quality of the cardboard and even its size is at least twice as important. As AVM Box and Packaging, we have been working with European countries for years. As a company , we want to increase your prestige, to arouse a sense of quality to your customers, and to make you feel safe in our communication with you. We don't just produce packaging. With our years of experience in the box and packaging industry, we have been producing madeleine chocolate boxes, wooden, cylinders and chocolate boxes that will best meet your needs for years.

Chocolate Box Design


Chocolate box design should be done as we take care of our clothes and hair on special occasions.

Because chocolate has always been a special product with the happiness it provides to people. Chocolate has made people happy on special occasions such as February 14, anniversaries, special invitations and openings. This is why; chocolatiers must work with quality packaging companies in packaging design. Avm Kutu ve Ambalaj has been designing, manufacturing and delivering chocolate boxes for 35 years to meet all these needs. You can contact AVM Box and Packaging and leave your packaging needs to the professionals.   

Wooden Chocolate Box


Wooden chocolate box ; It is a special box made using special wood and can be produced with soft sponge texture upon request. The wooden box, with its durability, protects the product from all external conditions and at the same time adds a stylish and traditional look. The important points in wooden chocolate boxes are the weight and design of the box. When customers buy chocolate, they never want the weight of the box they will carry to bother them. Wooden chocolate box is a great gift for your lover, wife and all your loved ones. Our wooden boxes are produced with laser cutting and delivered to you ready after assembly.

Madlen Chocolate Box


Madeleine chocolate ; It is one of the best gifts for a loved one. Our Madlen chocolate boxes are used in Europe and many countries. From cardboard quality to design, everything is meticulously selected and produced. This type of packaging is often used by chocolatiers, sweets and bakeries that sell chocolate on a retail basis.

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