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Acetate Box

Acetate Box ; It is designed in the form of windowed, complete acetate, box-lid acetate in accordance with the needs. Toy acetate box, chocolate acetate box, Turkish delight acetate box, perfume, accessories, Mevlüt cone, dragee acetate box, donut etc. Apart from desserts, acetate boxes can be used with many kinds according to the needs.   

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acetate box cheapest

Please contact us for the cheapest prices of acetate boxes, we claim that we give the cheapest prices in the market. While the acetate box gives the cheapest prices, we never compromise on quality. In line with the experience of our 35th year in the box and packaging sector, we have been carrying out our acetate box production activities for about 15 years. You can contact us and take advantage of our quantity, size and design consultancy immediately and get a price. Be sure to contact us.

Acetate box prices

Acetate box prices depend on the dollar exchange rate variability brought about by today's conditions, but at the same time, acetate box prices can vary according to your request, as well as the number of orders, as well as window-lid-complete varieties.

Acetate box manufacturing

Acetate box production, after the design process in line with your request, we are producing acetate box very quickly in our latest model machine park, taking into account your order quantity and at the same time giving the shortest deadline. The most important point in the manufacture of acetate boxes is to design them according to the needs. The use of unnecessary acetate boxes may be reflected in the prices. We want to help our customers to meet their needs in the cheapest, highest quality and optimum way.

acetate box wholesale

As Avm Kutu ve Ambalaj, we have been producing acetate boxes wholesale for 15 years. In order to get acetate box wholesale, cheapest and fastest delivery, you can contact us immediately and get wholesale acetate box prices.

Types of acetate boxes

Acetate Kraft Box

Acetate kraft box is the type that consists of kraft material in general terms and its cover or bottom base is made of acetate.

Box with acetate lid

The box with an acetate lid is the same type of box whose outer material is cardboard and only the lid is made of acetate.

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Transparent acetate box

Transparent acetate box, produced entirely from acethane, showing the product in all its transparency, and can be used with or without printing.

box type.

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Kraft box with acetate window

Kraft box with acetate window is a type of box in which approximately 1/3 of the box size is made of acetate from a certain area of ​​the box, adding transparency to the product by acting as a window of the acetate.

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